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We have the most variety of quality fire extinguisher cabinets and covers from high-viz, non-fading equipment covers to tough plastic, fiberglass or metal cabinets in a variety of mounting styles.

The choices are almost endless, too

From miles and miles of fire hose to a wide assortment of nozzles, brass adapters and hose valves, we have it when you have the need.

These Signs, Labels and Tags are used as clear forms of communication warning

others of possible danger and helping them get out of an emergency situation safely.

From Codes and Regulation booklets, high-visibility traffic equipment and personal-protection equipment to alarms, emergency preparedness, fall protection.

we’ve got it all.

Wholesale Fire Extinguisher is the only Fire & Safety Equipment Store in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Badger™ Advantage Line Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguishers,The square thread design allows the valve to be removed and installed quickly. Heavy-duty plated steel siphon tubes are threaded for a more secure connection and the engineer grade polymer hose strap won’t scratch the cylinder. Larger pull pin and handles are easy to operate - even with work gloves. Depending on the extinguisher size and fire type,Advantage Fire Extinguishers can be used in vehicles, homes, schools, offices and more.

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Products :

Badger Standard 2 1/2 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher w/ Vehicle Bracket
Model 250MB-1, 1A-10B:C, Steel Shell, 3" Shell Diameter


Badger Standard 5 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher w/ Wall Hanger
Model 5MB-6H, 3A-40B:C, Steel Shell, 4 1/4" Shell Diameter


Badger Standard 10 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher w/ Wall Hanger
Model 10MB-H, 4A-80B:C, Steel Shell, 5 1/4" Shell Diameter

Badger Standard 20 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher w/ Wall Hanger
Model 20MB-6H, 6A-120B:C, Steel Shell, 7 1/4" Shell Diameter


Badger™ Wet
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher


Badger™ Halotron 1® Fire Extinguishers
5 lb
Halotron 1 - 5B:C

1 1/2\" x 100' FT Rack Hose

Heavy Duty Brakets
Running Board Bracket (Fits 6 1/2" - 7" Dia. Shells)

Mark II Junior Series
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


FireTech™ Metal Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Emergency & Exit Light Combination Unit - LED
Thermoplastic, Square Head

Exit Sign - LED w/Battery Back-Up Thermoplastic, Uses Ni-Cad Battery 

Emergency Light -
11W, 6V (Square Head) Thermoplastic

Badger™ Stored Pressure Water Fire Extinguisher

Battery 6V, 4.5Ah

Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Fire Extinguisher Signs
Arrow, 4" x 12"

Vinyl Self-Adhesive
Fire Extinguisher Inside Signs


Aluminum FDC Signs

Replacement Bulbs
for Exit and Emergency Lights

Vinyl Fire Extinguisher Covers
FEC2 - Medium Cover, Red - 25" x 16 1/2"



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